Bunny overload [Rouge's] & the UsingUsed

It would be fair to say I took great advantage of the Rouge Bunny Rouge sales:
And my lack of [false] modesty will leave it for showing it here of all the products most of you have been loving already.

What can I say: it's my fave Russian brand and how could I resist?

Line up: (forgive me for not mentioning full names of this elaborate brand)
  • Eyeshadow: Mysterious Tinamou, Periwinkle Cardinal & Tantalizing Lovebird
  • Duo eyeshadow: A Major fis Minor
  • Cream Eyeshadow: Brocade Slipper & Atlas Swallowtail
  • Lipstick: Perfume of his Gaze
  • Lipgloss: Uncaged Tigress, Counting Wishes (had Coy from a GWP)
  • Duo cheek/lip: Samba/Enredo
  • Concealer: Eunice
Well, most of you know I'm not a fan of reviewing things too-much-reviewed-already but I'll do a mini-review on some. 

I compared lipgloss Uncaged Tigress with Counting Wishes, and noticed the 'Wishes' is a deeper red I normally would sheer away from. Strangely, I actually love it and it feels like a better blend with my colouring. Perhaps because 'Tigress' has some metallic orange in it that didn't feel the best blend for me.  I still like them both for different occasions: 'Tigress' when I want my lips to be slightly unnatural but more made up, and 'Wishes' for that sensual hue.

The Duo Eyeshadow in 'A Major' has the most perfect cream-coloured highlighter that blends like pure radiance on eyes/corners & perhaps even cheekbones ♥. The brown partner is slightly less original, but still a fab neutral for defining creases.

I expected more from Cream eyeshadow 'Atlas Swallowtail': it looks too unnoticed on my eyes but will make a lovely base for other eyeshadows. I like 'Brocade Slipper': it's not as perfect as 'A Major' lighter side but it's wonderful for a more obvious highlight when naturality is not needed percé.

The Duo Samba/Enredo is my least fave of the lip/cheek-duos, but I suspected this beforehand. I do not do pink-toned cheeks oftenly as they need more work for my complexion. Still, it will be an option for some looks...

And a special section for everything used lately:
  •  Madara face toner Dry/very dry skin: old version
This one was half price because of a new packaging (same formula). I liked this toner as it is both soft but slightly adstringent for the oilier zones. That doesn't occur often a toner that is suited for dry skin but still takes care for oilier/larger pore zones. So I really consider repurchasing the newer version, even though most people claim toners don't do anything (I think they do).
  • Aesop Fabulous Face Oil
I already discussed it here and really liked the scentual blend for nighttime. But did the oil-concoction convinced my skin for glowing intensively in the morning? Not completely, so the search continues...
    • Muji Bath Salt Milk
    FINALLY, I was so curious about this one after reading about this on Worship of Blues in 2011! (here)!! I never caved online because Muji's shipping is ridiculously high but I really consider buying it in bulk when in a country that actually has Muji! It smells like the perfect partner for my Balenciaga perfume and I love a good fragance in my bath.
    • Vichy Aqua Destock
    I've featured this one a couple of times as a good anti-bloat for moody water-rententive legs. So I finished another tube but I often switch cosmetics when I feel my body has become too used (read: lazy) to its ingredients. So I will do that again and keep you updated when using/finishing another anti-cellulite product.
    • [too blurred photoshopped] Tammy Fender Antioxidant Cream
    It has been a part of the larger travel set for Dry/sensitive skin . I like using natural/organic products but I was not too fond of its pot format. I prefer packagings that are less prone to being exposed to air/oxygen as the ingredients stay potent for longer. Basically, its lovely but for its price I do not consider the results to be too dramatic: I prefer her Intensive Repair cream I discussed here. I still like other elements from this set I will discuss soon, eg the Roman Chamonille face tonic is the most soothing I have found in a while.