Beginning Therapie: Roques O'Neil Discovery Set

Travel & discovery sets always have an alluring appeal on me. Perhaps in the name 'travel' or 'discovery', or perhaps the smaller sized products can be used in conjunction with each other.  Even if the discoveries and travels will be something in the far future, you can have that experience of travel in your bathroom with your dinky, little travel sizes.

The Roques O'Neil Therapie Discovery set is based on the wholistic effects of aromatherapy. Actually, aromatherapy isn't the 'socks-in-sandals', floaty, hippy treatment anymore: stores use fragance in order to let people browse longer and buy more products; scented candles are a modern (luxury) staple and who hasn't feel slightly uplifted eating or sniffing something with peppermint in it?

Michelle Roques O'Neil uses aromatherapy for treating all kinds of problems. She has been voted as one of the top 10 aromatherapists in the UK. She herself takes it a step further to call herself an Alchemist: something that creates an image of Harry Potter-esque wizard steaming up concoctions over a large steaming pot.

Her discovery set contains 5 products and are displayed in a beautiful and sturdy black box, embedded with orange sheets. It has something Buddhistic seeing this shade of orange. (this shade differs from the colour of the Dutch Soccer teams, which, has nothing holistic and buddhistic about it)

The inside of the box contains a description & ingredients of everything inside:

These are:
  • Himalayan Detox Salts
  • Restore Aura Spray
  • Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence
  • Boost Hair & Body Wash
  • Cherish Skin Repair Serum (actually an oil)
I've started my therapy with the Himalayan Detox Salts:

Besides of the main ingredient, the salt, it has a refreshing but calming blend of the aromatherapeutic essences of Rosewood, Patchouli, Lavender, Juniperberry, Lemongrass, Grapefruit:
I really liked this bath and felt relaxed afterwards. I first thought it caused my body to sweat at night, but the second time I used it I had no sweating.

I already bought a jar of Himalayan salt based on the wonderful effect but not from this brand. The ones I bought are cheaper but not blended with the aromatic essences that makes the experience & after-effect so blissful. I am considering going for a large size of the Roques O'Neil for the occasional treatment.

I bought my discovery set at Cultbeauty over here.