Kose Addiction Autumn 2012

Kose Addiction will be releasing some new additions in their single eyeshadows for their Desert Fall range

And, quite new, they added a couple of Kohl Eyeliners in powder (eyeshadow) form as well.

I found some swatches over here , La Mournia, Sheltering Sky and Mustard Tree: the Kohl Eyeliner powder duos can be found lower on the page
And here are the colours White Pepper, Sand Dune & Morrocan Rose.

There will also be two nailpolishes that builds upon the Desert Rose theme.

 Two of these bottles can be seen over here.

I kinda like the yellow Tumeric colour: it's dusky enough not to be considered perky summer but still quite bright for autumn. The orangy red Le M├ępris might be that perfect orangy red but I have to see it swatched first.

I'd normally would jump up and down for anything blush related, but these blush-mixes might have too much bronzer/orangy tones going on, although Brown Toast seems to have a pinkier left side.

The model-make up video can be seen over here.

Obviously, she's a model and for a face/cosmetic related high profile brand so she must be gorgeous. However, I love the fact that she can transform from standard beautiful to glamourously gorgeous with the right smokey eyes.

I welcome the return of the bold eye , because, honestly, with my skinnier lips the bold-lip trend of the last couple of years was not always my most to-go-for area.

Based on the swatches and the gorgeousness of the darkened purple based in the promotion picture I think I am coveting over the Eyekohl Mix Duo in Night Dive the most.