Thumb(s) up...

I wouldn't post a link to a tutorial without trying it myself. I used the colours featured in my previous post and added Nails Inc Basil street for a dash of nude1

Ehm Military? I think it's more Safari right now, so my nail should be dashing around spying up lions and antilopes, that suits me better than being in the army anyway.

Basically I'm not that good with nailart anyway but it looks fun from a distance. And I guess practice makes perfect?

1.Actually Nude is a disciminating name because it only suggests that nude comes in the pale (Caucasian) colours whereas the Caucasians are really in the minority with their colour), but let's not get too political and keep it Shakespearean that "A rose is just a rose, by any other name it would smell as sweet". So Nude for a paled out brown?