Dejavu Lash Knockout Mascara

I have been writing about Dejavu before, thus it's almost looks like a Dejavu moment. Ok, not really because this isn't the standard dejaVu fiberlash.

I basically said that I liked the original DejaVu as it is one of those easy products that both keeps the curl AND (capital letters) removes easily. Most people knowing their curl-keeping mascaras, either waterproof or Asian, will have their arsenal of removers ready-set-go in their beauty cupboards. Because how else would you remove the total stubbornness from your eyes that gladly keeps up your delicately crafted curl with the mechanic eyelash curler in the morning?

With this easy on-easy off formula of the original DejaVu compromised on volume. It lenghtened, but not as fabulous as Majolica Majorca lash Expander, or the combination of Kanebo Kate mascara-primer and some high end DiorShow or another mega plumper/lenghtener.

Then I used the Lash Knockout version and...tadaaa...I have more thickness.

Comparing brushes: thickness of the Collection 2000 Fake Lashes is similar to Dior DiorShow mascara
So it's one of those typical mid-size brushes you see in most mascara brands these days. Not those thin brushes aiming for lenght, or those comb-brushes. However, it is not of those scary, big (and sometimes not useful for defining) megabrushes either that almost seem to swamp lashes.

  • more volumising/thickening than the original DejaVu Fiberwig. More thickening than Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus (but that one is more lenghtening due to its fibers)
  • Good thickening: not the superdrama as the combination Kanebo Kate eyelash primer/Dior Show, but the removal time is less too.
  • apply carefully, as you can actually overplump in one stroke
  • Washes off relatively easily with the right temperature of water (lukewarm to warm) in tiny flakes
  • Most women probably still have to use some eyemakeup remover to remove the remains of the other eyemakeup (pencil/eyeshadow), but the stubborn rubbing to eyelashes is gone (ok, never do that...just hold the cotton pad gently with the remover to the eye and stroke delicately).
  • jet-black colour: not really glossy but neither matte.


Season changes can make my eyes more sensitive, and sometimes even the most suitable-for-sensitive-eyes removers can be too much. Furthermore, the curl-holding mascaras I often use need the stronger bi-oily removers. To skip this step (or just around the eyes for other eye-makup) I can rely on DejaVu Knockout, without compromising on thickness. It keeps a defined, full and curly lash for the whole day until I rinse my eyes with lukewarm water. The price is not too expensive for around $16, although Sasa seems to be sold out again, I found it here and here.