"Black is the new black": eyepencils ft Pixi Endless EyePen

Black eyepencils have a simpler reputation than they actually deserve. They are the working-horses of eyepencil-dom: most people can get away with it, and 'people' implies the rocker dude as well.
But I will refer again to my Orwelian "all black eyepencils are created equal, but some are more equal than others". Also, some are better for tightligning, others between the upper lashes (need some waterproof-ness) and others are the perfect alternative to the liquid eyeliner.

I bought another not so standard black after Drivellerkates claim that they are the closest thing to perfection, only brand Three to be a tad better. Also, there was this amazing Pixi set on Asos.com for €13:
Normally, the Endless eyeliner pencil is €13 alone, so I got a bargain with the Pixi Nailpolish and Tinted brilliance pencil in Rosy Red. (not available anymore)

So Drivellerkate adores her Pixi Endless collection: how would I like mine compared to my black faves?

I talked about purpose of the eyepencil. I use my pure blacks predominantly for tightlining between the upper lashes. That means I need something close to waterproof to keep put.

Swatches: (I have to work on my *symmetry* when doing these)
1. Topshop Waterproof Liner in Ebony
A real kohl formula looking slightly like that charcoal matte formula. I love this for tightlining as it is truly waterproof. Compared to Pixi, next to it, it looks slightly brown.
2. Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in BlackNoir
True black colour that has incredible pigmentation over the skin. Velvety exterior. I consider it bleeding a bit when applying as a tightliner along upper eyelashes.
3. Majolica Majorca Sugary Trap (LE)- Cream Pencil Liner in BK999 Bitter Black
*mine dried up a little*. The most powdery formula: it stays put as a tightliner
4. Mac Kohl Power eye pencil in Feline
Wow, look how glossy it looks? I got this from my *unexplored stash* lately and it looks really glossy and black. As a tightliner it bleeds slightly as well, but it never claims it is waterproof in the first place.
5. Pupa True Eyes eyepencil in 01 Extrablack
Marketed as "extra soft for eyes". Similar texture and colour as Majolica Majorca, this slightly powdery. Does an excellent job in staying put as an eyeliner.

Distance swatch photo:

I think the difference in my stash is between colour (true blackness or slightly brownish) and finish (powdery or glazed/glossy). The 'wetter' formulas are often less waterproof and I skip them for tightlining: instead, they function as eyeliner/undereye colour. The dryer formulas feel better in the tightline.

I can really see why DrivellerKate likes these pencils. However, I think they are not superwaterproof as a tightliner. So, the finish is gorgeous and I imagine them even more stunning in the coloured versions as the visible part of eyepencil, eg the traced above the upper lashes or framing the bottom lashes (pure black is a tad too stark for my paler complexion/hair/etc for doing that).

Pixibeauty.co.uk has all gorgeous shades, but shipping is a bit steep. Asos.com only has 3 colours, but with free shipping.