Inglot Eyeliner gel 95

*Cosmetic newbie*
This week I picked up something from Inglot's newer line.
They have these nifty eyeliner pots that I once had in orange: *yes*, really looks poppin' on green eyes.

However, I am supposed to act more mature as I seem to get to a certain age [space with *blahdiblah* how-women-close-to-40-need-to0-change-their-makeup-routine nonsense: why not have fun & be yourself] -> so that's not the real reason: It's just that the office space often is not too enthousiastic about raver-orange (in Holland: QueensKings-day orange or Soccer-orange).

So I picked up some golden hues:

Swatch on goosebumped arm [outside, no sun, really cold]
It is not your warm gold: it is absolutely a cooler gold mixed with some platinum or a tad of green. However, it is vibrant and I love the greenish hue for complementing the green in my eyes. It has a perfect endurance level, and it will only get off when I whip up the eye-remover (the slightly oil based one).

A gorgeous and original greenish gold that looks office appropriate without being too boring neutral. Or perhaps that perfect bit of colour fun that the maturing sophisticated woman can wear on her eyes without being seen as a neo-hippy. Also good for young 'uns.