New Skin-bies: Merumaya 'Tease Me Please Me' Taster set

My unlimited curiosity of serums was being intensified after I've read some a of Merumaya's Iconic Youth Serum in the British Vogue (see here).
I'm normally not too convinced by magazine's articles but they do raise my interest if the price is right and the other reviews are positive too. In this case, yes...interested, so I went for the Taster set with a full-sized eyecream to try out first:
The serum was the item I had been most interested in, and honestly the only thing I've tried so far. Boohoo on me, because brands often recommend that you use the full line. I personally disagree on always using everything from one line, because often brands have one (or some) star-products whereas the others might be better from other brands.

In my case, I just wanted to try out the serum separately with my other cleansers before I coordinated my skincare with the whole line.

Easy description, and yes...follow up with products from their line:
Their site is throwing with some hi-tech new ingredients to raise the customer's interest:
And the precise list of ingredients:
The serum is a clearer, yellowish colour:
I've been trying it for 2 weeks and my personal verdict is this:
  • provides enough moisture for me to wear alone on warmer days
  • aromatic scent that lingers a while
  • slightly silicony feel (dimeticone is high on the ingredient list)
  • has a line/pore diffusing quality over it
Serums are liked or not-so-much on aspects other than performance. I liked it performance but the scent wasn't my thing. Also, the silicony feel is something I like in a primer, but not in a serum. I am curious about the rest of the samples and the full-sized eyecream.

The 'Tease Me Please Me' set is on the Meramuya site (here) for £24.50 and the individual serum here.