New Vanities

I complained about not having my beauty-Mojo a couple of posts ago.
FaceQ Hello Kitty Sheet-Masks on a happy plate
 In the meanwhile I bought some new vanities:
This Works has a new line going on named "In Transit": aimed for the frequent Travellers. I am still looking for my perfect primer and 'Camera Closeup' has the right name & raves (see here & here) to get me curious. My review will be there soon after I have tried it for a while

I have gotten in a neo-teenager period, facewise, which means I had to buy a good pimple buster: Skin Doctor 'Zit Zapper' also has the right name & reviews . I hope it will make my skin behave because combatting the wrinkles is a task high enough for my vanities right now : ).

Rouge Bunny Rouge is having an awesome sale (hurry, still a couple of days left). Some eyeshadows that I was already curious about went from €24.00 to €14.40. The teal top one is Mysterious Tinamou and the bottom Periwinkle Cardinal. I also bought the peachy Tantalising Lovebird. The lipstick was the only colour on sale: Perfume of his Gaze. It has been reviewed as too sheer & neutral (here) but since it has been discounted from €24.00 to €9.60 and I love a sheer with a sparkle in a pretty tube I though "oh well".

Product availability:
The Hello Kitty FaceQ sheetmasks were bought from ebayseller whitecat3845724: I gotten 2 free masks when buying 5. The This Works & Skin Doctors are from they give out a free Macademia Haircare kit worth £45 when you spend more than £50: code THGMAC.