Addiction by Ayako - Eyeshadow in Meeting at Dome 071 (Eivissa Dreams '14)

Last week I had Kose Addiction Spring 2014 Eivissa Dreams
 on my radar.
It didn't took long for me to order my first eyeshadow from this collection: Meeting at Dome 071.

I opened the lid full of expectations of receiving a warmish taupe ~Something like in the promotion photo:

Reality has been slightly different. I will show you numerous photos of different angles and light-positions so show you the complexity of this eyeshadow.
Opening it for the first time: It looks like a mix of platinum and silver or more of a cool colour than a creamy taupe.

Direct sunlight ~ a cooler silver:

Slightly shaded/partly in sunlight ~greyed and speck-ly:

Same as above, only close up (see the turquoise sparkles!)

Another direct sunlight shows a slightly creamier/aspect of the silver:

Swatching it brings out a silver with a hint of mauve:

Same above, only close up:

Another swatch photo in a mixture of shade & light outside:

I think it is easy to conclude that this colour is far from a warmer colour as in the promotion photo. That doesn't make it a dud: au contraire! I love the complexity of this platinum that lights up in subtle turquoise, silver and lavender/mauve or a slightly smoky dept in various lights and shadows. I tried to compare it with my existing eyeshadows and thought about NARS Lhasa, but that one wasn't even close. 

I think it will make an awesome Ibiza colour as it works brilliantly in warm sunlight, and gets the smokey dept during the evening.

As for the quality and longevity: I adore Addiction by Kose's eyeshadows on this part and this one is just as brilliant: buttery smooth and the specks/glimmer is suitable for young and slightly older.  It holds for 8 hours with foundation underneath (like my swatch photos) and I have to try it with Edward Bess eyeprimer to see if it holds even longer.

I'd almost book a flight to Ibiza to show off this eyeshadow.