Sisterhood of Travelling Spas: Alqvimia Barcelona

Spa-ing, is it actually a verb? I think it should be...
In my case it has been a while since I had a relaxing treatment so I decided to make it a verb again. Also, in the beginning of 2014 I made a couple of resolutions that included to try out more french products. Now, Alqvimia is as Spanish as you can find, or a gorgeous brand that sells divinely, aromatherapeutically infused products for face and body. But the idea was there and going to it's spa would combine a couple of elements:
  • getting familiar with their brand without buying the full monthy (bottle)
  • Time out being in a hectic city like Barcelona
  • mmm, soothing massages and masks that will draw out city impurities

I decided to go for the Facial Absolute Beauty Express. It is one of their facial treatments in a relatively shorter timespan. I like long treatments but as it had been my 1st time I wanted to know if the therapists would be really skilled. I think a longer treatment with someone who isn't really skilled, dedicated or not really connected is often ackward and not really relaxing. In this case, I could have spend hours with her because her way of bringing relaxation was total bliss. 

40 minutes is often not enough to experience that spa-drownsiness that you can get in good hands. But Beatrice quickly got me into a lulling state of being with the exotic music, synchronising massage, the aromatherapeutic blend of the rose water mist, and later some other divine mixtures personalised for my skin. Their slogan 'total relaxation is paradise' never been more fitting.

Some other quirky elements from the treatment:
  • Massage and scrub is elaborate, a fabulous plumping method when done right
  • the mask is a custom made blend
  • the mask covers eyes and ( if not too claustophobic/ having a cold) lips as well 
  • The spa is in the centre of Barcelona, just 2 minutes from Placa de Catalunya
  • a lovely tea-infusion afterwards
I really liked this introduction to Spanish brand Alqvimia: the shorter treatment totally gets you zoned out.

And results, ofcourse we want them too! I left the place without a smidge of makeup and felt totally confident about the radiance of my skin: that happens so seldom I cannot even remember (a woman who prioritizes her compact makeup before the mobile).

I think it's a gorgeous perk up being on a hectic citytrip or when working in Barcelona without much time on hands. I'd like to have a longer treatment in the future that includes both body and face.

The Alqvimia spa is situated on Ramblas Catalunya 24 in Barcelona and you can read about them over here.