Goodie, I haven't planned any no-buy so I am glad I could stock up on some beauty items

1. Fairydrops Mascara in Long & Curl Always a good excuse to buy mascara as you have to replace them oftenly in order to keep the lashes fresh

2. L'oréal Professional hairmasks: Left is the Nature Re-Naitre and the turquoise one is their latest Pro-Keratin refill.

I will keep you updated how it works. I hope I don't chat too much about hairstuff but it's my thing at the time being ;-)

3. SpaceNK Sale haul:
WOWEEEEE,  the first surpise it that they deliver to Europe again and the sale was superduper excellent. I bought a Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in PK 375 based on Driveller's Kate swatches (here). And a Laura Mercier mini Palette from the Christmas 2012 range in Smokey Taupes.