Yours Organically: Casanera (Preziosa)

I've had a beautyblog déjà vu moment! I ordered from a French beautysite without the English translations that almost every grande beautywebsite has these days!This time from the organic Casanera in Corsica (France).

Ever since starting my blog I have developed a curiosity for ordering from sites that I do not really speak the language that well. Eg, I wanted to try Embryolisse before it was openly sold outside France & still that niche product used "among models & visagists during fashionweeks" (tutorial here of how to order, though not necessary anymore).

Casanera's website:
Now I read this ultimate enabling and "ordering-experimental-enabling" review on Intothegloss about Casenera ( here). I googled for it and found a delightfully French site without any translations:

And I ordered the right thing :

So that stamp on the website:

is on their nightcream too:

I was really surpised by the sleekness of this organic brand and the wealth of detail: 

And those two transparent bottles: FREEBIES! ♥ ♥
Their claims:
Ok, I am not going to translate it all but it contains borage, prickly pear, rosehip evening primrose that are known for their anti-ageing and regenerationg properties. The cream is rich of vitamins, minerals and antioxydants that improves the cellular turnaround of the skin. The <Crema Prezioza> is highly suitable as a nightcream because of its rich and creamy texture. 

the expiry date clearly listed
Hygienic factor: a spatula included:

The cream is a creamish grey, aromatically scented and of a thicker texture that emolifies after blending in for 10 seconds:
  • a thick, mudlike paste that turns emolient (read: watery/lotion) when in contact with warm skin
  • colour: creamlike grey
  • warm up a tiny bit on your hands
  • delicious aromatherapeutic scent (I detect Rose Geranium)
  • should be used over their Oilu Preziosa, but that one was out of stock so I use it 1. alone 2. over my Darphin Tangerine oil
  • skins stays slightly moist/sticky and it feels a bit like a overnight mask
  • thus, more of a nightcream, after-ski cream or for dry to really dry skintypes at daytime
  • Not sure if really oily skintypes would like this
  • waking up with rested, clear and plumper skin: but need the oil underneath every now and then to combat some dryer spots
This is not a full review yet: I only tried it for a week so I will update after a month or more.

Their website is  and their Crema Preziosa is here 
(they only ship to most European countries so the American lasses might reconnect with their friends in Europe again and ask them to order it for them)