Intelligent Nutrients Anti-ageing Body Elixir

Since summer is almost officially over there is the luxury to hide our bodies in our comfortable clothes again.

However, let's not forget to pamper our bodies after doing us a favour during summertime, and still being our loyal servants under more layered autumnal wear:
I bought some Intelligent Nutrients body-elixirs, read oils, because of the rave reviews on the organic beautyblogs (here & here), were on sale at feelunique, and I actually wanted something with organic wholeness. 
[I still use non-organic oils too: I will review Darphin's gorgeously fraganced Huile Nourissante soon] 

And there is the packaging that spells out joy, or peacefulness: dependant on the type of oil you have.
motivating words imprinted in the cardboard packaging
I picked two aromas: Restore & Attune.

Attune, according to the site, smells like "High summer in a greenhouse".
Restore, is meant for "mental rehab & refuge" and smells like "A haute bohemian".
various proof of certificated organicness

The bottle is a green glass and has a hygienic pump-dispenser that pumps out small-enough amounts to dose your oils:
The list of ingredients is a total powerhouse of various precious oils:

This oil is absolutely not marketed as a dry oil, but the result was a wonderfully dewy-but-dry texture of my arm after 2 minutes:

Verdict: I think it is too early to draw conclusions yet, but I really like the two oils. "Attune" is more of the "happy oil" that is perfect on chirpy days, and the other is wonderful when I have the "tired blahs" and need some serious "restore".

Availability: There full-price again on, however, has a slight discount going on right now.