Kose Addiction Cheekpolish in Chic 01

Last time I announced I was "in love" with my latest Addiction Cheekpolish in Tadzio.

My infatuation led me into more promiscuity in the field of the cheek spectrum: In normal English "I liked it so much that I went for another colour"

I already announced my curiosity for Chic, a colour that I thought would be shader-like from the online swatch-chart of Kose Addiction ( 1st left):

You can understand my surprise was rather big when I saw it resembled something livery-orange.
 I had already seen the swatches from beautyblogger-maven DrivelaboutFrivol and her swatch of Fresh kinda scared me: no offence towards the perfect complexion & makeup-skilledness of ms. Drivol herself, but to me orange is something that reminds (most Dutch) of soccer matches and festivals.  I thought Chic would be really brownish compared to Fresh, and it a way it is, but still quite orangy imo.

However, blushes are often not what they appear to be: some look terribly boring and make a complexion speak a thousand cheekbones, and others are so fun and perky in the pan and look like carnival on me.
Addiction Chic: semi-blended, not completely
I had to think deep for a similar colour in my collection. I reached for Julie Hewett Natural:

Which was absolutely not a match at all. Anyhow, it does show how a dark shader-colour can look too unnatural when the skin gets paler:

(comparing swatch on 'tan' side of arm -NW 30)
When going pale in winter it is often difficult to find a good shader colour: most bronzers/shaders will become too stark and contrasting and I actually like a mixture of peach for more freshness.

  • looks unappealingly liver but becomes soft peachy shader-colour on N15-25 skin
  • formula is soft, velvet and without any hindering sparkles
  • longlasting
  • perfectly blendable, even for the clumsy & untooled
  • mid-price range (Chanel) but more product
  • perfect for under the cheekbones to define
  • Mixing Tadzio & Chic makes a wonderful muted rose!
It was love at first sight with Tadzio and Chic is more of a "friends first, longtime connection later". However, these type of relationships have more durability than the average crush and I have been reaching more for Chic lately than Tadzio. Chic really is a wonderful way to define the cheekbones without going too stark & shaderlike.