Autumn Newbies

Uhoh, reading blogs can be so enabling...

I've been more curious about organic brands lately, thus stumbling upon the organic beautybloggers has given me a million new lemmings for trying out facial oils.

Face oils have already been my skinsaver option for this summer. For Autumn I am eager to try out the wonderfully named 'Glow Serum' from Astor & Bay. This time it has been SeedtoSerum enthousiastically uttering the words "airbrush-like effect" & "instant radiance".
  photo 5dc98bdb-84be-4743-8689-18f933fe379d.jpg

Those words gotten me weak in the knees wallet, which as not that bad as the oil is under €25.

I'll keep you updated to see if I will utter similar words of enthousiasm as well.

I also found some sample sizes of Greek brand Apivita:

 photo 9aa53b13-5ab1-4ff5-bddb-265e09c8cd9e.jpg 
The clay-masks have gotten quite the cult-status on makeupalley.

I do not need clay-masks as much as in summer, less oiliness and I do not have the full-duty sunblock on every day. Still, cleansing up the skin is always a good way to keep it clear and luminescent and a better way for your serums etc do work optimally.