Catrice Lace Patch Eyeliners

I had already been quite the pinteresting person and you might notice I have added the sidebar to my beauty-stuff to this blog.

So I noticed something similar to what I found on the beauty-spiration boards (miss beauty eyedeco left) and what is in our loyal drugstores (Catrice box right)

I didn't expected it to be much, under 4EU but it adheres quite well without being irritating:

So another collage with me on the right...Sorry about the lack of eyebrow definition: I'm a closet redhead which can be hidden by some eyebrow pencil/pen/powder, but they're not that defined by themselves:
Gosh, I look like a sad puppy but I love how it can be used without any extra glue. I also removed it from my skin and the glue is still working: multi-appliable it is!

Verdict: a fun and affordable addition for girls & women who like to have that bit of extra eyedeco.