Newbies Time...

 Newbies I've gotten this month:

The Eyeko eyelash curler is a freebie with Instyle UK of this month
The Givenchy ActiMine Primer in Mango: I had been eyeing this one up for a while but I hesitated between this slightly older primer or the latest Clarins Eclat Minute Base Illuminatrice de Teint in Rose. I think the opacity of this one is higher and I love the colour-correcting properties of the mango-orangy colour: it's perfect to mask some darker undereye circles and it gives a lovely boost to lacklustre skin. Thus, it's a CC before everyone was all about calling everything a CC.
I bought a new Bobbi Brown Eyeliner because my older one had become half-empty and slightly dry
A cute rose-gold necklace from etsyseller DelikatNY
Finally, the NARS Gaiety. I hesitated for almost a year but have it now. It's wonderful as a highlighter without shimmer but a lot of freshness