Biotherm Skin Vivo Reversive Anti-Aging Expansive mask: A Non-Asian Sheetmask

A couple of months ago I received this Biotherm Skin Vivo Sheet Mask as a freebie after buying some goodies from Burberry Beauty.

I have tried my share of sheetmasks and brands, probably not as much as some of the beautybloggers I follow but I have tried the known & lesser known brands

Sheetmasks strike me as a typical Asian-brand product. Even when they market for the Caucasian market, such a SKII or Shiseido.

Biotherm is (I think) a French brand. So let me see how this one lived up to my, rather elaborate, experience in sheet-masks.

The instructions are quite clear: both in written and animated language.

Opening the package: quite the familiar formula:

I was surprised that it was quite wide: normally sheet-masks that target specifically for an Asian market will have a wider size, but this one sized up 9" at the largest part:

It also has the option for closing the eyes by the sheet and let you get fully rested (and moisturize the eyelids too)

  • It was reasonably moisturized, but not completely drenched as some sheetmasks can be
  • It didn't irritate my skin!
  • Thick enough: doesn't tear
  • It has a slightly scented base, but not hindering
  • I loved the after-effect: I didn't put any other nighttime-care after having this masks and I woke up quite fresh.
  • Anti-Ageing: not sure, as I only tried it once but my skin look fresher and slightly younger afterwards.

I think Biotherm took notes from the Asian brands and incorporated the instructions (Asian brands often use pictures/animations). I kind of have the feeling it is a bit of a copy from another brand: but they did a good job on it.
I would repurchase this if the price was similar to their Asian ones: I found a single one over here for $4 but I estimate the retail price will be more expensive around $25 for 10.