Review: Shu Uemura Full Shimmer Illuminating Conditioner

This is one of these products I bought for
  1. my HG quest for intensively glossy hair
  2. the hype
  3. the fact I adore Shu Uemura's job on makeup products
  4. the "recommended by terribly succesful models" (That is Karlie Kloss in this case, see here)
Probably reasons enough to try this one, weren't it that:
  1. really expensive
  2. I hadn't had really fantastic results with Shu Uemura Art for Hair in the past

I took the 'stock-market'-mantra of "results made in the past do not guarantee similar results in the future" and bought a bottle after feelunique had a discount going on.

But talking about promises: What kind of promise does Shu Uemura make about the "future of my hair"?

1. For colour-treated hair
2. Illuminates
3. Essential contitioning to hair fiber
4. Musk rose oil
5. Optimal shine & glazed touch


A mix of the chemicals (mind the Parabens) & naturals. The Rosa Canina Fruit oil is probably the Musk Rose oil that has been promoted.

I talked about the cons that it is rather expensive. For that price you get a beautiful red bottle with a sophisticated dispenser: (so you do not spill too much of your pricy conditioner):

The conditioner: 

It's a thin condioner in a muddy peach/rosy colour. It smells divine, indeed, of a expensive rose perfume laced with musk.

How did it live up to it's promises?
l: my hair is actually not that colour treated, so I cannot really talk about the effects of that
2: Illuminates: yes, but not excessively more than conditioners such as John Frieda Smooth conditioner or Kose Salon
3: I don't feel it penetrates the hair fibre: not many hairmasks do, only the ones that have a good dose of Keratin or the ones with a high percentage of (natural) oils such as Argan Oil, Camilla Oil, Kukui Nut oil or even Almond Oil
4 : That element was already visible in the ingredients list and it really smells divine as an expensive rose perfume laced with musk. This scent doesn't really linger for a long time, unfortunately. Perhaps 2 hours after washing the hair.
5: I already discussed that in point 2. A good shine but not optimal or a lot better than other good & cheaper conditioners.


It's a beautiful conditioner that is on the thinner side. It does not smooth down the more-damaged ends of my hair that much, but has a glossy effect on the hair. It smells divine, but only for two hours tops after showering. It heightens the niche/luxury factor but it does not really outperform cheaper conditoners on the market.

Where to find?:

Find a hairdresser who works/sells this product on the ShuUemura Website, or you can buy it online at  and Promotional offers help to take of a bit of the high pricetag.