Vapour Cosmetics Illusionist: an Organic Concealer

I have been quite into sampling lately and when the opportunity arised to try out a new concealer from Organic Brand Vapour, I was happy to jump at the opportunity.

My skin has been (again) on a sensitive spell lately. Which brought me to the dilemma of covering up and (possibly) continue the irritation but look better, or go barefaced and show the spots.

Both not the best options, so I often opt for a organic concealer to minimize the change of (further) irritation as much as possible. 
Above you see my new Vapour sample and my current favourite Organic concealer RMS Beauty. I bought RMS beauty on the recommendation from Grace at LondonMakeupGirl.

I haven't had much luck with trying out the recommendations of the models/stars/etc but I often really enjoy the precise, accurate and elaborate reviews of the beautybloggers around, the excellent swatches of DrivelaboutFrivol, WorshipofBlues, theNonBlonde, Beautylookbook, PinkSith, LondonMakeupGirl and so many others who really test out products and apply it on real people seeing real results (not that the models, etc aren't real, but let's just say they have lucky genes and most stuff will work for them).

I wanted to compare the Vapour Illusionist with the RMS Uncover in 22 as the organic counterpart, but also with my two non-organic miracle cover-ups: Hourglass Hidden in Natural and Kevin Beautymaker in Light:

So here we go:

Swatches, before blending:

  • Vapour 020 is of a dryer texture than the other 3. 
  • It covers quite well. And even if it is dryer, I can use it around the eye area (although the creaminess of the others works a bit better)
  • Because of the non-creamy texture: it makes a good pimple/acne concealer
  • Vapour 020 is in the similar colour (depth) family as RMS 22, Hourglass Hidden Natural & Kevin Beautymaker light
  • It has a really slight pink/cooler undertone, but not that super-noticable compared to the others.
Swatches, About 3/4 blended:

  • the two Organic concealers: Vapour 020 & RMS 22, have a similar finish on the skin. Slightly velvet.
  • Hourglass Natural has the most creamy glow (somewhat concealer-like, thus better for the eye area)
  • Vapour 020 is a tad lighter than RMS 22.
  • Vapour 020 is listed as a colour for Fair to medium skin, but I would say light to Medium skin colour instead (light being a tone darker than fair)
  • Both Vapour & RMS have a neutral (neither warm nor cool) finish
  • Hourglass Hidden looks slightly pink compared to RMS & Vapour
Feel on skin:

Before Vapour Illusionist, I have been relying on RMS uncover for both cover and sometimes I apply it thinly as a foundation. RMS Uncover sometimes feels waxy on the skin, perhaps due to the amount of natural oils in it. I cannot use Vapour Illusionist as a foundation on itself because the texture is dryer (I could mix it with a emulsion) but it feels better on the skin when using it as a concealer: not waxy.


I'm quite happy I sampled the Vapour Illusionist as the non-waxy Organic alternative to RMS beauty Uncover. I think the colour would be too dark for fair skin, but is a reasonable match for light to light medium. It covers well without having that concealer-look. It suits better for covering pimples/acne/spots than to use as eye-concealer, but you can still use it well as an eye-concealer if your eye-area is not to dry.


I sampled my sample from for £1.00 but they're OOS right now. Americans can sample from their site here. A full size is available over here for £20.00 and comes in a stick-dispenser.