Armani Rouge 'd Armani Sheers in Bitten (Plums 600)

The time before the last time I encountered a Armani Cosmetics counter in Barcelona and I decided to stick with the thing that I couldn't buy online and I decided was my absolute summer essential: The bronzer in no. 1. It's basically the first blush or bronzer EVER to hit pan, so I had to back up. It's not online with the webshop that sells Armani online, and  I thought it would be the last time I would see a Armani counter in a long time (I didn't because Lissabon has them in Corte Ingles as well).

However, I got swatchy and sheerly fell in love with the sheers. My favourites among them the Purples and Plums: moody, slightly sexy but not too sexy like reds prefer to be, and an excellent match for my green/turquoise eyes.

Bitten translates on my lips as literary, a bitten stain with an equal and lustrious finish. Also a colour after drinking too much wine and having kissed with a delightful handsome man, deciding not to spend the night with him but looking at yourself in the mirror in you apartment and staring to you lips thinking: "they should make lipstick like that".
(Basically, vanity often wins it from sensuality with me...hehehe, but if you can combine both...)
Rouge D'Armani Bitten (600 Plum)

We do not have this scenario close to us all the time (basically, sometimes never) but I have this lipstick now and it kinda replicates this...without the wine and the snogging, nor with the idea that the handsome man calls you too much afterwards and seems to have a really weird voice you didn't notice when you had too much wine on and he practically didn't talk... etc etc...You know, everything has it's plusses and it's minusses.
One last time to admire the bullet it it's virgin state!

Now let's get that stain on again for autumn. Mhwah...