Preview: Lavshuca Girly Whip Cheek PK 2 & Visee Mineral Cheek PK 800

I finally received my adambeauty haul for today and was able to make a couple of swatches of the cream/gel blush formulas I ordered I was waiting for
From the three of these I actually mistaken in thinking that the Kanebo Kate in the bottom was a cheek-product as well: it's actually a lipgloss.

Oh well, still two to swatch:
All right, the difference is already obvious by the unblended swatches.

The Lavshuca Girly Whip is indeed a foam-esque consistency and quite on the pale side. I consider it more of a highlighter. Also a bit of a con: glittery parts.

The Visee Mineral Liquid is, in contrast, hyperpigmented! I am like: is this a lipstain or something because it is really strong on cheeks and has this massive colour payoff.
somewhat warmer lightning: swatches are quite accurate to real life
I have to make some better swatches and test it for a longer period to write a proper review on these two. For the moment I hope these swatches help to show you how different these two are, productwise.