Brighteners & hair-improvers

Sorry for my lack of updates: I've been a bit too busy for blogging. I have been happily testing the rest of my latest Armanis, and I have to say that I'm impressed by the concealer.

I still like blogging so I'll give a short update on something new, something tried & something repeated.


I am about to finish up the Kieh's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and I have to say that I have not been impressed by it's lightening quality. This summer I used lots of sunblock, however, I sometimes was a bit late reapplying it after a swim, so I had/ve to battle some pigmentation again.

 I went for Kiehl's because, simply
  • I was curious
  • it was featured in the magazines
  • it's easily available in Holland in a brick-and-mortar shop
However, it isn't as effective as my previous lightener love Jurlique Purely Bright Night Moisturizer. So in the picture above I paired them up, but will be glad if I finished the Kiehl's and get started with my 3rd (!) tube of Jurlique Purely Bright. Jurlique is not on sale over here, but with a bit of patience I get my sweet package from the UK and have the opening-the-box pleasure.

  • Oribe Mask for Beautiful Color (sale)
  • Oribe Royal Blowout Spray

I ran out of most of my L'oreal Professionel masks I featured a couple of times on the blog (here) and saw that Oribe was on sale. Well, professional goddesses such as Jennifer Lopez, Giselle Bunchen & Jennifer Aniston seem to be liking these products, and these women have awesome hair so I wonder if it works on the mortals as well.

The Royal Blowout spray got a massive rave on makeupalley (here) so I added it to my cart to get free shipping, and ofcourse for some smoothing after ironing my hair: one of MUA's reviewers said that it's for ironing too and not just for blowouts, which is a good thing as I hardly do those; too much fumbling with brushes and the hairdryer at the same time: that's something for the pros at the saloon or people being really good multitaskers. So the Royal spray for straightening my hair: curious about that too.

Seasonal changes often make my hair slightly lacklustre so hopefully with these potions my good hairdays are here to come...