Irosie BB cream, or the French (Eco brand) going BB

BB creams of Blemish Balms have a rather long history: BBs went from a healing and covering cream after skin-related surgeries and were developed in Germany. Korean cosmetic brands took notice of this and it became Koreans best Cosmetic export product, which Japanese and other countries took notice of and made their variety. Recently it has been discovered  by the Western big cosmetic firms, and now it has gone to Ecologically certified too:

Like some of my Asian or Asian-heritage readers who were in the forefront of trying and liking BB creams, I know them for about 5 years now. I often compare of what I tried in the beginning and what has been dilluted into the more Western versions (eg Christian Dior).

I really like some improvements of the newer generations of BBs, example the greyish casts of the original versions have been tweaked in a more suitable skintone version for the Western (Caucasian) public. And some heavy balmed textures have been thinned down.

However, perhaps these were the things that made a BB cream different from an ordinary tinted moisturizer.

So, when I saw ecologically goodie brand Irosie launching their BB cream, I was happy to snag up a free sample to try out.
So 3 new things standing out:
  • 98,98% of natural ingredients
  • French Brand (Erborian has some French roots too, but still partly Korian too)
  • ohh, a factory on Rue saint Honor√© (sorry, reading the tiny letters on the package)
  • Some goodie natural ingredients. like Aloe vera, Tomato seed oil, Lavendel, etc.
(ok so more than 3 things stand out)
Hence, BB cream is going mainstream in France, and after that going slightly alternative by being taken up by Organic or Ecologically certified brands such as Irosie.

Irosie, bottem shelf, 3rd from the left & does that model really need BB?

Irosie is featured in the French Elle. I also found some information from the site I got the sample from, (UK based):
The anti-inflammatory properties sounds really familiar to what the original BB creams were supposed to do: heal post-operation skin!

1st, the colour and swatches:

Applied & unblended

It is quite a heavier texture than the latest releases of (Western) BB creams, and it really reminds me of the earlier Korean versions.


Most of us (and the afficionadas who have been familiar with BB cream longer) like BB cream for that particular glow it gives. This one has the similar capacity to show it's glow, only it's more visible under stronger light.

I really like this glow for perking up my skin: it gives that MFBB  (My Face but Better) crediblity  that sometimes is lacking from a normal tinted moisturizer.

I estimate this BB cream to be a match for NW 20 skin (MAC conversions). 

Although the BB looks like a good match for my skintone on my arm, sometimes my face likes to fake a bit of a tan. I have found my own trick to mixing any shade of foundation of BB into something darker, and adding some bonus protection too:

* Hissyfit Saving Face SPF 50+ in Mocha

I think similar techniques of mixing foundations are being used by other beautybloggers & makeupwearers in general, although I do not read that much about it.

With an obviously darker colour such as mocha (see above) I really have to blend the mixture to have an equal colour. Also, a tiny dot will be enough for a larger mixture: Often I use a 8 to 1 ratio to go a tint darker.

How does it compare to the 1st generations of BB creams:
  • Colour: it reminds me of the older (Korean) types  It gives out a cool cast on my neutral to cool skin, making it a pink-toned BB cream. It's also on the light side, perhaps best matched to a NW 20 or even a NW15.
  • Scent:  Yes, this one really brings be back to the 1st Korean BB creams: it really has this medical scent, or the lavendel, that quite some Korean brands have too.
  • Texture:  as mentioned earlier, a heavier type than the latest (Western/General Department store brand) releases that remind me of the earlier Korean BB types. It does blend into something thinner. I really like this for my dryer skintype, but recon it would also be good for oilier types because the antiseptic and healing lavendel is included.
  • Long term effect: I have only tried this sample for 2 times, but I like the fact when I remove the makeup/BB that my skin looks healthy and radiant and almost healthier than in the morning. Not every type of foundation has this effect, often the opposite.
 I really like this BB cream for its cover and glow, especially knowing I put on mostly organic and healthy ingredients on my face. It goes back to the original idea of a BB being healing and beautifying, without compromising on cover. My only problem is that the colour is not complety matched. However, I found something for this.

You can get a free sample with any purchase at (here) or buy a full size (here). When you order anything from them before 10 February you can get 10% off with valentine's code KISSME, and on this page are some good GWP deals as well. (not affiliated, just cosmetically addicted enthousiastic)