Using, Used, Gonna Use...

Gosh, I am posting this feature a lot lately, ain't I? At least I am using up some tingies and reach for some lonely-n-unused items in my cupboard too to try.

In similar order:
  • Using: Phylia [de M] Connect: 
Elaborate post over here. I'm currently on their second bottle, and the hair is getting more *OOMF*.
  • Used: Nuxe Eau de Mousse Micellaire
More elaborate post over here. I described this one scented as a masculine rose, and at a certain moment I got a bit over the scent. I like the mousse way of cleansing, which I knew before of Kose Sophymo Airy Whip. However, I can descibe the way Nuxe Micellaire foams as a "hesitating mousse" which is moussy but a bit watery too. I love that it's semi-natural and the initial dryness I experienced gotten better after my skin got used to this method.
Key line: I might repurchase, but it's not a favourite due to it's fragance.
  • Gonna Use: Sholl footcream for harder skin
My winter feet have been into socks a lot and they gotten a bit...*undainty*. This cream hopefully will make them softer and daintier for that moment that spring arrives and the sandals can be put on again.