Project reconstructing hair

I have been discussing my hair a lot lately. Fact is that my longer hair with quite some volume has gotten thinner and sparser, with patches of boldness.

I announced on the blog that I would be "working on it". And I have, taking the hair serious. So I will show the steps I have been taking:

1. Yucky shakes used by supermodels:
Normally I do not fall for "supermodel X has been using this"-dogmatisms. That is just because genes, photoshop, makeup artists and fairy intervention have made them more beautiful than the rest of us. Exception in convincing, the almost 50-something Elle McPerson still rocking a body even 20-somethings would be envious of, AND excellent hair (even though it has gotten bleached, blowdried and all other modelly tools done by eager hairdressers all around the world). 
Ok, not just the potion, but she claims it works
 Also, Nigella Lawson, food-Goddess by excellence, was able to add this stuff to her sophisticated palate of food-perfection, keeping her beautiful hair and loosing some extra pounds too.

It is horribly tasting, but if it gives me better hair (and body) than I will keep up with it...(got Clean & Lean Body Brilliance from *SpaceNK*)
 2. The usual omegas  and Superior Hair (biotins & others)
Anything called Superior Hair sounds tempting, and the omegas are good for the skin too..

3. Too expensive newest supplements range:

 I wrote about it *here*

4. No Hair-dye

My hair is already breaking off without dye: let's not do chemical thingies with it!

The jury is still undecided whether dye brings out more volume in limp, greasier hair by altering the original structure. So for volume a bit of dye would be good. Also, the smoke-n-mirror effect that some dye can have the impact of it looking better than it actually is. But I have to wait for my own hair to get better, which brings me to step  5...

5. Protein cement treatments that smells like rotten eggyolk
Or better known as the oh so succesful Apoghee Two-step Protein treatment. See various reviews & explanations on Makeupalley. I have to say: it works.

6. The multitude of Volumizers that are somewhat succesful:
6.A. Dry Shampoos
 Batiste XXL volume wins hands down from French Klorane..."dommage" [=sorry]

6. B. Moussing Up...
Liese Wave-up Foam is actually targetted to create curls, but is actually tons better than L'óreal Proffessionel Volume Expand. Liese has a better hold and a natural feel. L'óreal Professionel has that sticky-feel and doesn't hold that long.
7. Finally, things that work:
I have blogged aplenty about Kerastase Elixir K Ultime Moringa Immortel for glossing up and reconstructing damaged hair, and I still like it and find it effective.

My latest volume hit has been L'óreal Elnett Heat protecting styling spray in Volume: it was BlushingLoves review that was really enthousiastic and convincing about it and I loved it since. It feels natural, non-sticky, and has the power to give the limp 'do a bit of volume, more than all the other potions I've tried so far.

8. The things I already did, a lot:
Left (brown bottle) washing the hair with a sulphate-free, non paraben shampoo (mine being L'óreal professionel Nature Abondance de Cacao, review coming soon).
Middle and right: the abundance of conditioners and hairmasks (some reviews here, others will be made soon).

9. Change hair-partings
from laurenconrad's site
*Another 'tip' from the experts I followed*

It helped me not to touch the bolding spot on the side that I had my parting on, and that could grow back with the help of Phylia de [M] Connect. But changing hair-parts can be quite iffy to work with and can feel a bit unconfortable in the beginning (tutorial of how-to here). Experts/magazines often tell you this change can give your hair more volume, but when volume is already sparse in hair, the change is minimal. But it helps to disguise thin spots and can look like you did something new with your hair (and you actually did).

10. Sweet Silk to protect the hair
I often wrap my hair in a silk scarf in bed. You could also opt for a silk pillowcase, which would also benefit the minimising of wrinkles. To see why it (can) help, visit this page.

So, has it been worth it, this much work, if a dramatic cut would do too?
I have seen an improvement in my hair-quality from quite horrible to tolerable. The major frizz has been gone and the baldness has been replaced with 3 cm hair-regrowth.  

If it is worth it, all these steps/time/money?? Perhaps not, if you would be not into beauty-regimes nor being as stubborn as I am.   Lack of volume is still an issue, and perhaps I should reach for the dye soon because my hair is almost healthy enough to tolerate this: only something that matches the natural shade. Or these type of perms that are not perms but provide more volume, I'll see.