Fave Colours

It has become a sort-of-cliche for me to reach for peach blush colours during spring:

This spring is nothing different, only this time I went mineral of a NARS-inspired colour [Deep Throat], delicately called Lovelace.

For people not really knowing their 70s 'classic' (??) movies: Linda Lovelace was the lead actess in "Deep Throat"*.
Oh gosh, there goes my romantic spring feeling about blush, but it's a gorgeous shade even if it is slightly peachier than it's NARS derivant.

It does sound better when a friend asks you what blush you wear: not many people connect the name to that film, but mentioning the blush from NARS could get some raised eyebrows among the non-cosmetic afficionadas. 

A more harmless name with a gorgeous golden mustard colour:
Although I often think of Lamé as Lame...

In this case this $3 outlet colour is everything but lame:
Golden Mustard
Silknaturals gave out a freebie when spending over $10, and it's a taupish mauve with some interesting sparkles:
So I've been using that one as well...

So, are you always reaching for a certain colour during the change of season, or are you the experimental type in the field of blush?

*ps: if you think that a 1970s movie is going to be easy on the 'erotic' genre, then I might be a wuss on this field, but (a part of) that film was quite graphic. The story about Linda Lovelace is quite sad too (see here) and it should be reminded that most people working in that genre of filmmaking are not always there because they chose to be.