Hakuhodo Mizubake

After my introduction in Hakuhodo brushes I went for a speciality brush aimed for cream formulas: the Mizubake:
It was not my only item:
I also picked a cheaper facebrush for on-the go: the K022
I like the K022 enough but I am baffled by the performance of the Mizubake.
 Let alone that it looks so incredibly beautiful and expertised as a tool for the face.

First I went 'skinny-dipping' into the products I bought it for: My cream formulas of foundation & cream blush.

I did a a *Cinderella Moment* to see if the brush fits: 
it was slightly too large for the RMS and the Julie Hewett cheeky, 
the shoe brush fitted perfectly for my Lotree cream blush:
Mizubake dippin'  in
So I swatched that one...

The colour deposit afterwards:
I don't know which reviewer(s) it was, but I agree with her that it looks so satisfying when having a white brush: you can see perfectly how the formula is distributed on the brush: really equal:
same Mizubake & Lotree, only taken with flash
And that is how it translates on the skin:
[I used soft, swirling motions and *deliberately* didn't blend out to the sides so you can see the position I placed the brush]

Actually, since I have this brush I started to rediscover my *slightly* neglected older cream blush formulas like the Lotree one above. I have been loving peachy blushes lately so this colour above fits the bill.

Also, it works like a dream with the RMS concealer/foundation: it's spreads out so much thinner than if I would do it with my hands or another brush.

  • Incredibly beautiful brush with that hint of 'Orientalism'
  • excellent for cream formulas
  • equal colour disposition of cream formulas 
  • perfect for thicker formulas of (cream) foundations, especially when spritzing the brush beforehand with a toner/filtered water/etc
  • pleasure to feel it swirling on the skin 
  • rediscovered my beautiful 'wallflower' blush thanks to it
A more expertise review and what got me going for this one is on LolasSecretBeautyBlog and TheNonBlonde has been pretty convincing as well. GlossedIntoTranslation loves it so much it even became her header...can you figure?  

It's available from Hakuhodo over here.