Topshop Hairchalk, or Kidsplay for sorta Adults

I've got these moments when I think I'm young & wild and a virgin

These moments don't happen in the morning when I've checked my mirror: wild, perhaps...but young? Not so much.

As for virgin? My hair used to be but after the restoration session it probably is a mixture of 4 types of dye and some bleach (still manages to look a natural beachlook instead of "hairdresser's head").
As a young mind, I thought turquoise dipdye would be a good idea, but maturity saved me from going in for that [yet], so chalk it is.

There are lots of places to get your chalk from these days, but I opted for the easy way when I ordered some clothes on Topshop.
 So "colour without commitment" for €5.

Let's see how it performed:

After my intensive complaining of my hair for *oh lets say* a whole year I am gonna show you some ends (so they are ends and not superhealthy, but they still have some natural shine)
"ready for a rendez-vouz, goldielocks"
 I am considered a [sorta] blonde in the Meditterean and a blonde in Asia, but in Holland they are that platinum that they consider me a brunette: "it's all about perception, right?"

Chalking up:


I liked the colour and it's quite colour accurate from the chalk-tube 
(and I am not even having white hair so I think it will work on darker brunettes too)


it looked so matte, so I thought I would give it some gloss with shine-spray:
tools of MATTE destruction: Bumble & Bumble Shine on...(and on...)
 I'd probably should have misted it from a far distance instead. Now it's really pine-green.

I have never been that happy about my Bumble & Bumble Shine on but misting it afterwards is not the best idea. 

I think that "keeping it matte" is a good look when working with hairchalk. 
Eventually, it's for a party or other event alone and the matte gives it that "cool-girl-couldn't-care-less" vibe.

So, I am not a pro with hairchalk but for a non-pro it works quite ok, but keep the liquids before instead of after.

Ok, I forgot the ingredients:
bit blurry, sorry
CONCLUSION: Excellent festival spice for more standardy hair;  Fun stuff for commitment-phobes on hair; 40 (& 30)-somethings with pre-midlife crisis that still-have-to-go-to-the-office, or to see if you'd really gonna take the plunge on funky colours in your hair.

Availability: Topshop