Borghese Fango Soap

I got this phrase "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" connected to old-fashioned soap, but the initial reason I bought this piece of soap was for the gift with purchase.
 It's just one of those moments the GWP draws you in (a generous set of 4 mud-masks): I already have this gorgeously frangant Portuguese Claus Porto soap, so why would I be tempted by the Italian Fango?

Well, this soap captured me for its properties and the idea of the mud/spa treatment, especially on the "absorbing action [that] helps to remove impurities and unclog pores":

The french description got overlighted, but you can read it in English and Italian
The ingredients:

A simple list with ingredients minimises the chances on senstivity issues. The Fuller's Earth is the main worker in this soap for the part that helps to draw out impurities.

When you open the package you get a beautiful green soap that already smells spa-like: slightly minty and a hint of algs or muds...
This is one of the soaps I feel best about using after exercise: It has that minty freshness and I love the idea of drawing the extra impurities out.

The packaging tells that you can use it on the face, and I do that every now and then when I feel that my skin could benefit from the Fuller's earth and other Fango-based properties. I don't think it dries out the skin on my face (or not anything more than the Nuxe 3 Micellaire mousse I described over here). I don't use it as my main makeup cleanser because for that I need a different arsenal, but if my skin is relatively clean it helps to remove sweat or some superficial dust.

I think it somewhat clears up impurities, but the best result on the face (and body) is when you combine this soap with one of their masks (that I got with the GWP)...that quite draws some yuckies out.

I bought my soap on cultbeauty over here and you can read some more sophisticated claims/properties over there too.