Review: B&C EX water strong W Eyebrow in Natural Brown

A while ago I bought the highly acclaimed Suqqu eyebrow pen when dollyleo was still in service. Geeeh, why did that shop go away? It was the cheapest way for me to get some Suqqu. Anyway, I would probably not repurchase the Suqqu eyebrow pen on reasons I will explain later, but I loved the concept of a pen and I went further to seach for another pen.

B&C Water Strong W Eyebrow

The most famous one afterwards that I saw on blogs is the KPalette version, but it was sold out on adambeauty so I went for the B&C EX water strong W Eyebrow in Natural Brown instead (listed here). These names are choking me up sometimes: what does the W stand for?

Translated from Adambeauty's site from Chinese:

B & C Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil with Pencil + liquid on both sides of the pen design, pencil , moderate hardness, can depict a very coarse, fine and soft lines, suitable for the brow and eyebrow contours depict; liquid written with elasticsense of the fine brush design, suitable for depicting the thin lines.
Containing a special water-retaining membrane, a 24-hour waterproof, anti-sweat, anti-sebum.

It's a dual sided browliner device giving you the option to use the pen, the pencil or both: each for a different effect.

I bought it for the pen side, and, strangely, the pen didn't even come with a lid on the pencil side: doesn't that dry out the pencil in the end?

out of package (I didn't loose the lid from the pencil side, it comes like that)
Next to my Suqqu pen (the one in front)

The pen side has a similar sized shape and tip as the Suqqu one, perhaps a tiny bit larger:

The Pencil part:
 It's approximately 0.4 cm and I consider that shape to be rather thick for drawing in a finer line with eyebrows. On the other hand, this part is for a different effect so if you like your eyebrows to be a bit more dramatic. You can use it slightly slanted for a thinner pencil look.

The swatches:
  • Colour of the pen: obviously, B&C is a lot warmer in tone than Suqqu. I was quite put off in the beginning and intitially it looked too brown/reddish on my eyebrows. Until I looked at the mirror 2 minutes later and I saw it actually matches them. I think this one will work for warmer blondes, redheads, perhaps auburn or warmer shaded brunettes.
  • Colour of the pencil: Huh? how come this is a completely different shade being almost an ashy grey brown ? Indeed, it's a lot darker but in combination with the pen you can work up to either a natural-looking brow (mimicking the natural difference in hairs and tones that they have) or go dramatic.
  • Inkiness of pen: It gives out more pigment than the Suqqu with the first swipe. Personally, the lack of pigment was my biggest gripe of Suqqu: I kept on swiping and hardly saw anything (and I often dislike eyebrow products for looking too harsh on me). So I prefer the inkiness of this one: it is still light enough to look natural.
  • Inkiness of the pencil: I was complaining about the lack of a lid on the pencil part? Yes, and the effect is that it balls up at first when using it (see above) and you have to break of a piece to go to the better part. However, without the lid I have to do that over and over again and that is not really efficient of the pencil side. Too bad, because, with a light hand, this colour works and I guess it can work for quite some complexions and haircolours too for being neutral enough.
  • Durability: It claims to have that 24-hours and anti-sweat/water effect and it stays rather put but I wouldn't say 24hrs. I have exercised with it and it stays rather put: I found that it is splash resistant too, but completely waterproof? I'm not sure yet. I can remove it quite easily with normal cleansers so I don't have to bring out the special waterproof cleansers that some Majolica Majorca mascaras need.

 Unexpectedly, when you think you bought a Dud-product based on your first swatches, it can turn out quite good afterall. I have to find a (sort of) matching lid for the pencil side or tape it off so it doesn't dry out. Using the pen gives a light effect (with a warmer undertone), the pencil a neutral, and both either a mimicking natural brow or a strong both, depends of how you shade and use it.


I bought it on Adambeauty for $14 and they have a darker/neutral version as well (here).