Finished Finesse

On the things I used up lately:

1. Shills Oxygen Mask:

This Korean copycat brand probably has been staring too much at Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energysing Mask because the concept is almost the same. But that was the reason I bought this one, as I like the Bliss Oxygen mask but I wasn't too fond of the price. Shills retails around $13 whereas Bliss is $54.

I have been having this mask in my beauty-cabinet since buying a lot of Shills from Lately I have been using it more and I like it as much as the Bliss: it's easy, its fun (when the foamy bit starts to work) and it's fast (also 3 minutes). It might be coincidence, but if I use this the night before I can see my skin being clearer and more radiant the next day.

I would repurchase: too bad it isn't on sasa anymore.
2Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation 120.
I am quite happy with the sample of the concealor I got in 020 (here), so trying out this *raved about* foundation was the next step.

It wasn't all perfect. First, as you can see, the colour has been quite dark. I didn't expected that as the colour beneath it, 115, claimed to be for fair skin, and this one for medium. It looks more like a medium-dark to me.  I thought the 120 would match the 020 concealer number? Secondly, the shimmer is too high for the whole face. Remember Mac Strobe cream? Only this over the whole face mixed with some foundation.

I guess this foundation will work for some people, but I prefer focused dewiness over total shimmer in a foundation.

3. L'Oreal Professionel Age Densiforce Omega 6 hairmask.
Another hairmask, and another one from L'Óreal Professionel.

I like this mask a lot, only the chemical rice-based scent will keep me from repurchasing it.

The beauty of this hairmask is that it is actually as thin as the usual conditioner, but works enough to qualify as a hairmask. As it targets for ageing hair, often thinner hair, the lighter consistency means it bring in more volume than the average hairmask. My hair was somewhat bouncier and with more volume than the average mask, without compromising too much on the moisturizing/repairing factor.

Right now I prefer the L'Óreal Professional Nature Mask Omega I reviewed here, because it gives my slightly damaged hair more moisture (although this one is better in volumising), and the scent of that one is so much better.