Enabled-sunday: Le Metier de Beaute lip Creme

Hurray, I have been wilfully enabled by the organised Messywands in her love for Metier de Beaute lipcremes...

I went for the Purple Haze based on it's neutrality and the swatches on Messywands impressively accumulated stash of the lipcremes (here).  I'm often curious why someone loves one product so much to buy every colour of it, and for this lipcreme I have to say "it's quite good". There is a bit of a plasticy undertone in it's vanilla-based scent, but that wisps away soon.

The "Purple Haze" colour  is a bit of a lilac/greyish nude on on my lips, which sounds incredibly weird but in real life it's the kind of hue that makes my lips look plumper: the lilac makes the green in my eyes stand out more and it's nude-eque tone actually doesn't need to compete with a stronger eye (makeup), but still present enough to prettify my skinnier pout.

It's my most expensive lipgloss/cream to date, and got a bit of discount during beautybay.com's advent calender that made me take the plunge. I think my Shiseido Maquillage lipsticks are my most expensive ones afterwards *edited: that's pricy Tom Ford instead*. However, those are lipsticks and I'm not a true lipgloss person so I never shell out on them
Ps1: exception, a Burberry lipgloss of 25 and I don't like it as much
Ps2: the lipcreme's are not real lipglosses but lipbalm/gloss/stick hybrids, me likey

So, after Zuneta there is is Beautybay that sell these too :-)