Review: Kose Addiction Cheekstick 14 Damask Rose

-I've bought a new Kose Addiction cheekstick- 
-I like it -
 -here are the swatches- 

Ok, you know my reviews will not be that easy but I will be short(er) about it.

I saw the announcement of the range of new colours by Iris on Rougedeluxe: she's often the first in English with the scoops on the newest releases.

And so I also found out that Ayuko, the makeupartist of Addiction, is a woman!

I often like Ayuko's choice of models: they have unique faces that are perfect veils for her makeup-range, without going into the faces of the models I consider used too much (sorry Kate Moss). I totally love the angle of the photo and how the mustard eyeshadow stands out: it almost made me buy that shade, and I still might.

I wrote to Iris that Damask Rose looked like a muted Amazing from the earlier line. I have been right about this: (see below)
I don't have Amazing myself, but I will link to Kate from DrivelaboutFrivol's picture to give you an superclear swatch of it (here)

My swatch of Damask Pink (3 swipes layered!):

First, there is a difference between Kate's albaster skin with a hint of warm/yellow and my light/medium skin that hints towards cool. I believe that Amazing would appear cooler on my skin than hers.
I consider Damask Rose a true pink that hints towards fuschia. It is not really bubblegum pink, but it has a bit of a cooler tone in it that tinges blue.

On cheeks: I have discussed this with Kate and noticed myself that the earliest 'batch' of Kose Addiction seem to have a different consistency, almost better and with a higher coverage. First, I thought that my last cheekstick Rose Bar (review here) was merely too muted to show up vividly. However, I think that, compared to my 1st cheekstick in Revenge, that the coverage is not as strong.
I still like, better say love, the cheekstick and it's coverage. I layered 3 swipes of stick over each other and it doesn't get blotchy. This is personal, btw, because when you like your blush strong and vivid you might think "need more". I like a blush that looks like it comes from within. This looks like a from-the-ski-slopes-colour.
On Lips: I have raved about Addiction cheeksticks before for being a fantastic hybrid product. I still love how velvety and non-drying it feels. However, the consistency changed and so does the cover on my slightly rosy-toned lips. So here is where my vivid territory comes in and I need a couple of layers to make the pink appear. That is different with the coral/pink hue of Revenge: that one gave me that fashionable pout-n-shout-vividness that was happening early 2012. With Damask Rose it's sheerer, now.

I love this colour in my collection, especially in a cheekstick. It travels handily and it's consistency makes blending and layering easy for me when I don't feel like blending all morning. Only, it's not a realy hybrid colour to me, so I will keep it for my cheeks only. Or tint my lips on the road if I really have no other lipsticks around. And that sounds close to impossible, as the 5 lipsticks are always sollicitating for my attention in my bag ;-)
The price? Yeh, it's Kose Addiction: check for the price & product here.