Resolution '14: Focus on Inner Beauty (with Alex Beauty Formula N8)

I kinda have a songtune in my head when writing about my latest 'gimmick':"I'm a believer". I'm too young to thought it was sung by 'The Beatles' (instead of the Monkeys) but too old to think of Justin.

So I bought the Flower Remedy concoction from Alexis Smart. Flower Remedies are tinctures based on alcohol [yippie, alcohol...missed it since NYE!] and a whole lot of distilled flowers and herbs inside. Here is a more nuanced description of what I totally cramped into one sentence. 

It is based on Dr. Bach formulas and have been sold since the end of the 1930s. So in a way it is something that 'believers' think they really help, and the cynics think they won't.
Smart compared to my oftenly used Bach Rescue Remedy
Alexis has been so smart (ofcourse, this pun!) to embed her Californian roots and the need for beauty into a formula. Botox is soooo 2013 or maybe sooo 2012 and relaxing the face can also occur by releasing inner tension: when you do not feel the need to frown, you don't have to paralyse muscles either.

It is not the only remedy of her; she's having a variety and I was really between choices. But most formulas cannot be mixed up or combined (except for First Aid):
 photo AlexisSmartAllFormulas.jpg
So I picked beauty as I felt really unpretty in December, even if I took major effort to be radiant. But you know, sometimes it isn't happening and some inner relaxation about the [obsession with] beauty might help, and that is a part of this formula

And how superficial I might sound, it sure seems to work on ms. Smart herself, the beauty formula:

Right now I have been using it for a week...I am not so obsessed about beauty, layers of makeup and blowdrying hair as I was in December. I think the muscles in my face look more relaxed. But I might be a believer... (but if the placebo helps...)

Ah, the song from the Monkeys