Resolution '14: a New Caffeine Habit with Vichy Cellu-Destock Expert

In the range of good intentions there is always room for some more 'gotta tone the thighs' and the usual 'gotta drink tea instead of coffee'.
 So let me introduce my new Caffeine habit:
I already had one during autumn '13 in preparation for a bikini-infused holiday (see here). Lierac had a whopping dose of 10 % Caffeine that was as last-minute to speed up metabolism as doubling up on any bootcamp and other muscle-teasing fitness classes. 

I can take it a bit easier this time and I will stick with Vichy Cellu-Destock's 5% Caffeine.
I'm on a roll
massage instructions in box
For the lazy bunch, and who isn't in the prime of January...those turkeys & doses of champagne gotten into the system, there is a rollerball system on the knob that will massage your cream into the thighs. 
various languages of how to...
It also helps you to remind that massage is a bit more effective than simple application. That's also handy after the holidays, a reminder?

So why do cellulite creams often look like Ghostbuster's Slimer's ectoplasma?

This film is so old that Americans are still allowed to smoke in films!! 

My last Cellulite-challenging Lierac was the odd one with a red gel instead of the green ones often used.

However, my voluntary 'sliming' will hopefully result into some extra-humane thinner thighs,
or maintain previous firm[er] results.